Sunday, March 27, 2011

Life of Bryn

I figured I would post since it has suddenly become popular again. So semester is finally coming to an end which is great! I have had a pretty tough semester so I am excited for classes to end. Nothing of significance has really happened this semester. The biggest thing was probably when Amy, Jen, Meg and I went to Arizona which was so fun. The biggest thing I am anticipation is the future. I am living with Amy for spring semester before she leaves for the mish which is great because I will miss her terribly. I am also really excited for the study abroad program that I am doing in the fall. I started a block class in march that is supposed to prepare me for the trip. Every week I get more and more excited. It sounds like we will be going to paris and Scotland and all over England while I am there. I can't wait! Everything else is going well. I am kind of lacking in the boy area but thats okay. Sorry there is no photo but I couldn't figure out how to upload one.

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